What is glaucoma?

GLAUCOMA It can send you blindIn 1987 I prepared a basic guide about glaucoma – Glaucoma IT CAN SEND YOU BLIND – to provide information about glaucoma during my public awareness campaign. With some minor updates, I have my guide available here to download for free. See download link below.

The aim of my booklet GLAUCOMA It Can Send You Blind is to increase awareness, knowledge and understanding of glaucoma, to help prevent unnecessary loss of vision.

There is an inadequate level of knowledge about this disease that affects 2% of the entire Australian population, 10% of all those aged over 35 and 20% of those with it in their family history.

BookletPicIgnorance perpetuates itself until somebody is inspired to rectify the situation they see as intolerable. In the case of glaucoma the situation is most definitely intolerable. Millions of people around the world have lost some of their effective eyesight ranging from slight impairment to total blindness. It does not befit a modern civilisation to allow this situation to continue.

NOTE: This booklet is not designed to replace expert medical diagnosis. If you require further information or assistance please seek appropriate medical advice.

DOWNLOAD your free guide HERE  [PDF file]