September 2020

I drew the attention of Mr David Andrews, the Chief Executive Officer of RANZCO* to the unethical behaviour of professor Ivan Goldberg AM, referring to the chapter in my eBook, which does support my allegations that, Professor Goldberg, is indeed a dishonest person, a Plagiarist.

I followed this up, by informing Mr Andrews about several Ophthalmologists, I accuse of breaching the code of conduct/ethics. One of them stands accused of the criminal act, of perverting the course of justice, by providing a knowingly false statutory declaration into court evidence.

The ‘GENTLEMEN’ referred to are:

  • Professor Ivan Goldberg AM
  • Dr. Heery, Ophthalmologist of Albury
  • Dr. James La Nauze, Ophthalmologist, Melbourne, previously from Albury
  • Dr Michael Delaney, Ophthalmologist, Sydney
  • Mr Laurie Pincott, previously the Chief Executive Officer of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists

In spite of the most serious allegations, indisputably documented in my eBook, the Chief Executive Officer of RANZCO, had this to say:


Dear Mr Kaiser,

I acknowledge receipt of your email but I will not be doing anything with this as you have not sought any specific action.

Yours sincerely,
David Andrews
28 February, 2020

Given the seriousness of my allegations, I sincerely believe that the onus is on the Chief Executive to investigate allegations, such as breaches of the code of ethics and/or standards, without my prompting! Furthermore, given the high profile of the accused persons, would it be too far fetched to entertain the thought, that the attempt upon my life was indeed financed/sanctioned, by anyone of the accused persons, as an individual? Conspiring with others? Or perhaps even by the Royal College itself?

Furthermore, would the high profile of the accused persons explain the fact that the Albury Police Command is actively hushing-up an attempted Murder?

Rolf Kaiser
10 September, 2020


* The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

July 2018

Thirty plus years have passed since I wrote my booklet: Glaucoma, IT CAN SEND YOU BLIND.

My book, My Fight For Sight, is based upon true, documented information and recorded events, collected over the past 30 years.

New information and statistics are still unavailable to truly understand the dire and sad situation concerning blindness from glaucoma in Australia. 30 years on!

In 1986 the available statistics suggested about 200,000 Australians suffered from glaucoma.

In 2017 medical authorities in Australia put the figure at 300,000!

Medical evidence supports that in fact 20% of those with a family history of glaucoma are at high risk of losing their precious eyesight!

My booklet, Glaucoma, IT CAN SEND YOU BLIND, is no longer for sale. All monies from booklet sales and donations collected are duly accounted for and were handed-over to the ‘National Glaucoma Foundation of Australia’, now known as ‘Glaucoma Australia’.

New and better medication is now available, dramatically improving a more positive outcome for anyone diagnosed with glaucoma!

But sadly, Australia still lags behind the rest of the civilised world, by about 10 to 15 years, in preventing blindness from glaucoma through awareness!

My booklet is now available free of charge from my website at my fightforsight. com

I will bring the issues raised in my book to the attention of our local, state and federal members of parliament, requesting their support for a public inquiry.

Rolf Kaiser
July, 2018