Falsehood and deceit??

Are deceitful claims still acknowledging the false founders of Glaucoma Australia?…

Source: Glaucoma Australia website

The falsehood and deceit of the above excerpt is clearly demonstrated in copies of Minutes of meetings that were held at the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists in Sydney, beginning on 2nd September 1986.…. 

Excerpts of meeting Minutes…

To peruse all Minutes of four meetings I attended, see the Appendices here in my eBook My Fight for Sight.

Professor Ivan Goldberg received an AM and Kath Holmes received an OAM by falsely claiming to be the founders of the then National Glaucoma Foundation of Australia, now known as Glaucoma Australia.
His Excellency the Governor General of Australia, the Honourable David Hurley is now the Patron of the Foundation. 

Over the past two years I informed His Excellency/Office of the falsities of the claim made by Goldberg and Holmes, but as of this day did not receive a response.
On the 2nd February, 2022 I published an open letter, expressing my concerns to His Excellency. 

See my letter here in the Postscripts of my eBook.