These Appendices consist of news articles, correspondence and various other supporting documents that are referenced in my book.

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News Articles:



TV Media:

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News Articles:


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    – Protest in Albury, Peter Collins visiting the Mercy Hospital
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    – Announcing the formation of the Glaucoma Foundation of Australia
  • Albury, AMV-4, ‘News’, 1988
    – About funding, Peter Collins, broken promises
  • Albury, AMV-4, ‘News’, 1988
    – Protest at Parliament House, Sydney, about the missing $100,000
  • Albury, AMV-4, ‘News’, 1988
    – In front of Parliament House on day of protest
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    – Segment about glaucoma
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  • ‘Circle of Darkness’, International Glaucoma Foundation (England)
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    – Founder of the Glaucoma Foundation of Australia
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    – Announcing sponsorship from the Lions Clubs of NSW and ACT, University of Sydney and the Save Sight and Eye Care Institute of NSW. Also announcing start of awareness tour around NSW and Australia.
  • Albury, AMV-4, ‘News’, 20/4/1989
    – Announcing protest against Peter Collins at the Mercy Hospital. Only .03 cents per person in NSW for the prevention of blindness.
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    – End of trip in Sydney
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    – After my eye operation. Patch still on my eye!