Open Letter

To His Excellency the Governor-General of Australia, the Honourable David Hurley

Dear Sir,

Re: Your Patronship of the Glaucoma Australia Foundation

Over the past two years I contacted you/your office, several times, informing you of the documented facts that the so-called founders, of the foundation, of which you’re the patron, Professor Ivan Goldberg AM and Kathrin Holmes OAM, received their honours by falsely claiming to be the founders of what is now called, GLAUCOMA AUSTRALIA.
In 1986 I launched the inception of the “Glaucoma Foundation of Australia”. This fact is well documented in minutes of meetings, newspapers and TV news. The very first meeting was held at the Royal College of Ophthalmology head office in Sydney on the 9 September 1986.

In January of 1987 I published my first booklet titled “Glaucoma IT CAN SEND YOU BLIND“ aimed to prevent blindness in Australia by awareness. Thus, being the first booklet written and published in Australia by a glaucoma sufferer.

Over the past 30 years I devoted my energy and meagre financial resources to the prevention of blindness from glaucoma in Australia, and, as documented, put my life on the line!

Over the years I received many threats to my life and family, which some I reported to the local Police but I continued with my campaign and outspokenness.

In May of 2001 I was shot twice at my front door with a .38 caliber revolver. The investigating police officer, Detective Gavin Nicholson concluded that a contract was out to have me killed.

Recently I documented these allegations in my compilation of over 30 years of documented experiences, pain and suffering I endured by continuing with my campaign, devoted to the prevention of avoidable blindness from glaucoma in Australia.

Worldwide, there are over 70 million glaucoma sufferers, among them many thousands are Australians, who lost their precious eyesight from this preventable disease!

Sir, I keep my letter short because my story is well documented in my e-book
I am deeply concerned by the fact that you/your office totally ignored my previous correspondence concerning my very serious allegations made against Goldberg and Holmes, allegations and irrefutably documented in my e-book.

At this point in time I refrain from accusing you/your office of xenophobe discrimination.

I assure you, Sir, that I never will be silenced on these matters, which are so close to my heart.
I trust that you will investigate these matters.

Rolf L. Kaiser
2 February 2022

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