Blindness from glaucoma?

Many who don’t want to lose their precious eyesight, run the risk of doing so by sheer ignorance of this preventable cause of blindness known as glaucoma

Blindness is one of the most feared impairments anyone can suffer.
Yet blindness from GLAUCOMA is PREVENTABLE!

GLAUCOMA is responsible for about 20% of all causes of blindness, worldwide.
An estimated 300,000* Australians are affected by this insidious eye disease.
I am myself, a victim.

What would be YOUR worst nightmare?


My name is ROLF KAISER
from Albury, New South Wales in Australia


30 years ago I set out to disseminate information concerning GLAUCOMA in the hope of helping to prevent avoidable blindness in our community.

Sadly, my efforts were perverted by persons with vested interests, by any means, including ATTEMPTED MURDER!

After decades of disillusionment I’m tired of being swept under the carpet. There are still significant issues that need urgent attention.

In my book My Fight For Sight I tell my story in the hope of making a difference.

A legacy aimed to create awareness of glaucoma and thereby avoid preventable blindness in Australia.

*Source: Glaucoma Australia

My Fight For Sight
 ebook is free to download here 

Falsehood and deceit??

Are deceitful claims still acknowledging the false founders of Glaucoma Australia?
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What is GLAUCOMA exactly?

How much do you know about GLAUCOMA?
How is GLAUCOMA detected?
How is GLAUCOMA treated?

Find answers and learn more about glaucoma in my easy-to-follow guide: GLAUCOMA It can send you blind.
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